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Member policies

Verifying your membership

You can view your membership details in My Governance Institute.

To verify your membership for workplaces or other background checks, we can supply you with a letter confirming membership details. Alternatively, we will need written permission you to release membership details to a third party.

Complimentary and Life membership

Complimentary membership is awarded to members upon their 50th year of membership with Governance Institute. These members no longer required to pay membership fees.

The Life Member category is an honorary recognition awarded by the Board of Governance Institute of Australia to a member who has made a lasting impact on the long-term direction or status of Governance Institute.

CPD requirements and exemptions

Guidelines on public comment by Governance Institute members

From time to time members of Governance Institute of Australia (Governance Institute) may be called upon or choose to enter the public arena in their professional or expert capacity in order to comment on an issue of public interest. As part of the strategic mission of Governance Institute to ensure members are at the forefront of their profession and able to transmit expert knowledge, this public role for members is encouraged. It is recognised, however, that some issues may be sensitive within the community.

For that reason it is important to clarify the basis on which members may take a public role. The following statements have been drawn up to assist members by making clear Governance Institute’s expectations.


  1. Public statements on behalf of Governance Institute should only be made by persons authorised by the Governance Institute Board or the Committee for Australia.
  2. The use of Governance Institute letterhead is restricted to the conduct of Governance Institute business or where the member is commenting on a public issue as defined by these guidelines.
  3. Members writing or speaking publicly in a professional or expert capacity may identify themselves as Chartered Secretaries and as members of Governance Institute but may not, unless authorisation has been granted as above, use the name of Governance Institute in their public statement. They should also indicate, when appropriate, that their opinions may not reflect the views of Governance Institute but are personal views.
  4. Governance Institute expects members will maintain the highest professional and ethical standards when they identify themselves as members of Governance Institute in public statements. In determining what constitutes professional or expert comment members should be guided by good judgment and common sense.
  5. If a member has reason to believe that any public statement may cause harm or conflict or in any other way involve Governance Institute in a matter of public sensitivity, the member is to alert the Publishing Manager immediately.

Members’ use of logo

Protocol for the use of the Governance Institute of Australia members’ logo

Only members may use the Governance Institute of Australia logo, dependent on the following conditions. Subscribers and non-members are not entitled to use the Governance Institute’s logo.

  • Members are encouraged to use the logo to show your membership of Governance Institute of Australia. The logo has the word ‘member’ under Governance Institute of Australia.
  • You must present the logo in a way which fairly represents us and our role.
  • You must not bring into disrepute the name and/or brand of Governance Institute of Australia.
  • The context in which you insert the logo must not give the impression that you or your organisation are sponsored or endorsed by us. Any such arrangements must be approved by the General Manager, Membership & Engagement.
  • The context in which you insert the logo must not suggest that we have created any of your content.
  • You must use our design and formatting and you must not change the logo in any way.
  • Please do not copy the logo from a web page on this site. Instead, please download the logo file type which is appropriate for your needs. A JPEG is suitable for online usage. For an email signature use this JPEG format.
  • The logo may be used only on web pages that make accurate references to Governance Institute of Australia. Your web page title and logo or other trade marks must be more prominent than our logo, in order avoid giving the impression that the page is that of the Governance Institute or is endorsed by us.
  • Changes to the size and positioning of the logo can be made to allow you to use our logo on your website, business cards and letterhead. However, if another use is contemplated, please contact our Designer or Publishing Manager for guidance.
  • If you would like to link our logo to our website, please link it to

Members witnessing statutory declarations

Any member of Governance Institute (Fellow, Associate and Affiliated) can witness Commonwealth of Australia statutory declarations made before them under the Statutory Declarations Act 1959. Visit Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department website for this information.

States and territories have other laws and requirements regarding statutory declarations. If you need to make a statutory declaration that concerns a state or territory matter, the Australian Attorney-General’s Department website provides links to the relevant websites.

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to all stakeholders (staff, officers, and volunteers) of Governance Institute of Australia. This includes Directors, Council and Committee members and any other member, participant, or student.

View the Code of Conduct

Members’ Code of Ethics

At Governance Institute of Australia (Governance Institute) we conduct our business according to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, respect and fairness when dealing with all of our customers and employees.

We achieve this by the Members’ Code of Ethics.