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Ethics Index

The importance of ethics in society has risen to an all-time high, Governance Institute of Australia’s Ethics Index 2023 has revealed. Driven in large part by millennials, the importance placed on ethics has shot up to 84, up from 79 last year.

The overall Ethics Index Score has returned to the 2021 figure of 45, having taken a tumble last year.

The most comprehensive study of its kind, the nationwide survey reveals the most and least ethical occupations, organisations and sectors, plus checks the nation’s perceptions of current ethical dilemmas and difficult questions.

Cost of living, cybersecurity and the increasing use of AI are seen as the top ethical issues for 2023 with 73% of respondents saying there’s an urgent ethical obligation for customers to be informed of all data breaches.

Now in its eighth year, Ethics Index 2023 found that politicians at all levels of government have seen a significant boost in the public’s perception of their ethical behaviour. Despite this, politicians remain at the lower end of the spectrum in the bottom five occupations.

The most ethical occupations were fire services (75) followed by ambulance services (74) and pharmacists (73).



Governance Institute CEO Megan Motto said while the Index score has remained largely steady, the increase in importance placed on ethics shows expectations aren’t being met.

‘The Ethical Expectation Deficit – which is the gap between the value we place on ethical behaviour and the perception – is growing wider,’ Ms Motto said.

‘This indicates that there’s still plenty of work to do by organisations and individuals, both in the public and private spheres to ensure good, ethical conduct and a positive culture remain top of the agenda.’

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About Ethics Index 2023

  • Annual survey, now in its eighth year, examining perceptions of ethical issues and conduct in Australian society.
  • Survey carried out across a nationally representative sample (n=1,000) in July 2023 and weighted according to age, gender and location.
  • Research conducted by Ipsos.


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