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A series of crises is challenging the governance and risk management profession like never before. ​And governance is now firmly in the regulator's spotlight and public eye with serious consequences when things go wrong.​

​Governance Institute of Australia is here to help ensure you are not only supported in your role but that you excel in your role. We equip you with the tools you need to tackle the growing challenges and intensifying spotlight on the profession.​​

Are you eligible?

Our membership is open to professionals with qualifications and experience in the field of governance or risk management. 

Why become a member?

  • progress in your career and re-position for your next step
  • become the go-to expert in your organisation
  • impress your board and management team
  • upskill and stay ahead of the competition
  • be better connected with our 40,000+ strong professional network.

What will membership give you?

  • Enhanced professional credentials with nationally recognised postnominals.
  • Exclusive member-only career opportunities.
  • Access to an expanded professional network.
  • Ongoing advocacy on important developments in governance and risk.
  • Opportunities to develop your governance and risk management skills with the leading experts.
  • A wealth of resources.
  • Exclusive member pricing and rewards.
  • Opportunities to be involved with Governance Institute Committees.

If you become a member with us through our Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance and Risk Management, you will also receive automatic membership to the Chartered Governance Institute (CGI) formally known as the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators where you will gain internationally-recognised postnominals (ACG, FCG) and the esteemed title of Chartered Secretary.   

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Become a member

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