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Frequently asked questions – Short courses and Certificates

What is a short course?

Governance Institute’s short courses offer practical knowledge and skills across a wide range of governance, risk management and not-for-profit topics that can be readily applied in your workplace.

What short course options are there?

You may choose to enrol in a single course as a stand-alone session to meet your current learning needs, or you may choose to enrol in the required number of courses for a Governance Institute Certificate.

Here are some examples to assist you in choosing course options:

If, in your current role, you have been given extra responsibility for complying with legislation and regulations, the Accidental Company Secretary® course will give you an understanding of the core duties of an ‘officer’ of an organisation.

If your role has risk management responsibilities, our course Assessing, Analysing and Treating Risk will help you gain insight into how to analyse risk within your organisation’s regulatory and operational framework.

For more information about our short courses click here.

What is a Certificate?

Governance Institute Certificates are 6 short courses combined. The certificates include 4 core short courses and 2 electives. We have four certificates available for registration in face-to-face, virtual and online self-paced study modes: Certificate in Governance Practice, Certificate in Governance in Risk Management, Certificate in Governance for Not-For-ProfitsCertificate in Company Secretary Essentials and Quick Start for Certificates (4 short-courses).

Which mode of course delivery suits me?

Facilitated – face-to-face (in person)

  • I like networking and prefer a face-to-face learning environment.
  • I find attending training face-to-face to be motivating.
  • I prefer to learn through active discussions and asking questions.
  • I like to listen to and engage with others in person.
  • I prefer to meet the facilitator in person.
  • I prefer to engage in activities and case studies collaboratively.
  • I am prepared to pre-read the course materials to optimise my facilitated learning experience.

Virtual (live facilitation – not recorded)

  • I am comfortable engaging with the facilitator and other students on camera.
  • I am comfortable using virtual technology and learning in a virtual environment.
  • I am a self-directed learner but do want some engagement with a facilitator and other students.
  • I prefer to learn situated in my own setting, engaging virtually.
  • I am unable to travel to a training venue.
  • I require remote access.
  • I am prepared to pre-read the course materials to optimise my facilitated learning experience.

Note: a strong, stable broadband internet connection is required for an optimal virtual experience.

Online, on demand

  • I prefer to engage in study when it is most convenient for my circumstances (flexible access 24/7).
  • I prefer information presented online in focused, easy to navigate and easy-to-read sections or ‘chunks’.
  • I prefer self-directed and self-paced study.
  • I prefer not to attend a facilitated session.
  • I prefer to engage in activities and case studies independently.
  • I would have difficulty attending a time-bound, scheduled session.
  • I do not have a suitable location from which to join a live virtual session.

Note: a strong, stable broadband internet connection is required for an optimal online experience.

Where can I register for a short course or certificate?

You can register for a short course or Certificate online at any time during the year. View the course catalogue for all short course and Certificate study options. To discuss your options further, please call 1800 251 849.

How do I access my course materials?

The course materials are available to download from our learning management system, Blackboard. Online courses are available immediately when payment has been finalised, for face-to-face and virtual courses once payment has been finalised, you will receive access to your course materials 10 business days before the course begins.

How do I access the learning management system, Blackboard?

To login to Blackboard with an existing password click HERE.

If it is your first-time accessing Blackboard, please generate your password HERE.

I have tried to reset my password but haven’t received an email?

Please email and we will reset your access.

Do I need to print my course materials?

For courses that are delivered in a face-to-face setting you will need to have a copy of the course materials either downloaded on your electronic device or printed. We do not have hard copies available on the day. This is part of our commitment to reducing the impact of printed materials on the environment. You can edit the PDF versions of the course materials with Adobe Reader. For more information about using Adobe please visit Adobe tutorials.

Do I need to read my course materials before the course?

It is recommended that you review the course materials ahead of the course particularly any readings, exercises, or case studies that you could benefit from reading in advance. Whilst it is not compulsory, it is beneficial to maximise your studies and assist with the exam/assessment component of the course.

Where are face-to-face courses held?

The courses are held in Governance Institute offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and at other convenient CBD locations in Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin and Canberra.

Is there an assessment component for a short course?

Yes. Each short course has an online multiple choice exam. For your course to be credited towards a Certificate, you are required to pass the exam. The online multiple choice exam takes approximately one hour to complete. See the assessment rules page for further information.

How long do I have to complete a course exam?

You have 60 days to complete the course exam in Blackboard.  Your 60 day access begins from date of payment received.  A fee of $85.00 will be applied to course extension requests.

How do I view my study progress?

To view your course and Certificates registrations and exam marks, go to Certificate Academic record from My Governance Institute.

Do I need any qualifications or experience to enrol in Certificates?

No. As Certificates are open-entry, there are no educational or experience prerequisites for enrolment.

How long do I have to complete a Certificate?

To graduate with a Governance Institute Certificate, you must complete and pass the online multiple choice exam for each of the six courses within the same 12-month period. This 12-month period commences once you have access to the learning management system, Blackboard.

I have completed my exam, where do I find my Certificate?

If you have completed your Certificate, our education team will email your Certificate within 14 days. If you have successfully completed online exam for a short course, please email: for a Certificate of Completion.

Will I be eligible for membership of Governance Institute?

Yes. Completion of a Certificate entitles you to apply for an Affiliate membership of Governance Institute of Australia.

The Affiliate membership postnominal, GIA(Cert), is recognised nationally as a demonstration of your commitment to your ongoing professional development and the practice of good governance.

Is my Certificate qualification recognised when I enrol in a second Certificate?

Course exemptions are only available for the following compulsory courses:

Assessing, Analysing and Treating Risk
Governance Essentials

Conditions apply. Please refer to the assessment rules.

Is my Certificate qualification recognised if I enrol in Governance Institute's postgraduate courses?

Certificates are not treated as recognised prior learning if you choose to undertake Governance Institute’s postgraduate courses.

If I have completed a CPA (or other external professional qualification) can I receive any exemptions for a Certificate?
No. Any prior external learning is not recognised in the completion of a Governance Institute Certificate.

If you need further assistance, please contact 1800 251 849 or email