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GovBuzz Podcast

GovBuzz Podcast

Gov Buzz brings you the latest governance news and information direct from the Governance Institute of Australia.

  • 2024 Board Diversity Index Launch

    Join us as we delve into the results and findings of the 2024 Board Diversity Index, a comprehensive analysis of Australia’s top 300 ASX-listed companies. This episode is an edited recording from the Board Diversity Index launch event hosted by Business Sydney and Minter Ellison. Panellists including City of Sydney Councillor Linda Scott, president of the Australian local government association and chair of Care Super; Adam Davids from CareerTrackers and Mark Baxter from Australian LGBTIQ+ Board & Executive Inclusion examine the findings and identify areas of improvement and opportunities to drive positive change.

  • Public Sector Governance Forum Episode 1 – AI…A Game Changer

    What are the implications of AI adoption in the public sector? Check out the latest episode of the Governance Institute of Australia’s GOVBUZZ podcast. In this recorded session from Governance Institute’s Public Sector Governance Forum titled ‘AI — A Game Changer’, Karin Geraghty FGIA and Dr. Jonathan Hall, Founder of Presagen AI Enhanced Healthcare, lead us on a journey through the transformative power of AI, the impact of innovations being used in healthcare and education, and how to craft policies that navigate some of the broader ethical and privacy issues.

  • International Governance Leadership Conference Episode 5 – Sports Governance

    In our latest podcast, we delve into the intricate world of sports governance in Australia. Listen in as Beau Busch, Co-CEO of Professional Footballers Australia, Jodie Purves, former Australian Cricket Captain and National Integrity Manager at Diving Australia, and Diane Smith-Gander, Independent Chairman of WADA’s Nominations Committee, share insights…

  • International Governance Leadership Conference Episode 4 – Enhancing strategies for data privacy

    Curious about cybersecurity and data protection? 🎙️ Listen to our latest GovBuzz podcast episode “Enhancing Strategies for Data and Privacy” featuring an edited conversation from our 2023 International Governance Leadership Conference. 🎧
    Panellists Lyn Nicholson, General Counsel at Holding Redlich, Dr. Sharif Abuadbba, Team Leader…

  • International Governance Leadership Conference Episode 3 – Governance at the speed of innovation

    In our latest episode of GovBuzz, we dive into the fascinating world of governance in the age of rapid innovation.
    Join us as we hear from Kristofer Rogers, an award-winning business leader and social entrepreneur, who shares his insights on navigating governance at the speed of innovation. 🎙️…

  • International Governance Leadership Conference Episode 2 – Hypothetical case study on risk culture

    In this episode, we hear from Jason Brown, Principal Advisor to the Board, Risk and Security, Thales and Catherine Chaumont, Head of Safety & Kumar Srinivasan, Director of Risk and Insurance from the University of Technology Sydney, as they take us through a hypothetical case study and simulation on risk culture.

  • International Governance Leadership Conference Episode 1 – Building a culture of resilience

    In this series, we’re bringing you some of the key highlights from our 2023 International Governance Leadership Conference.
    In the first episode, we hear from Julian Birkinshaw, Vice-Dean at London Business School’s Institute of Entrepreneurship and Private Capital.

  • Not-for-profit Governance Forum: A Thorny Issue & Closing Address – Episode 2

    Exciting insights into the world of Nonprofits and Charities on our latest GovBuzz episode! 🌟
    In the first part, we tackle ‘A Thorny Issue’ as we sit down with a remarkable panel:
    🌱 Justin Hogg, Managing Director of Common Ground Queensland
    🌱 Cherylee Treloar, CEO of Footprints Community
    🌱 Liz Kearins, Chair of Aged and Disability Advocacy Australia