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Welcome to the Governance Academy, the home of Governance Institute’s education and training. Here you will find all of our short courses, certificates and postgraduate courses which will give you the flexibility to tailor your governance and risk management studies for every stage of your career.

Governance Academy


About the Governance Academy


Governance Academy is the educational and research hub for governance and risk management professionals. As the only Australian provider of Chartered Governance accreditation, Governance Institute has a long history of delivering postgraduate education and short courses to further the knowledge of a fast-growing cohort of professionals being tasked with governance and risk roles.


Our Governance Academy builds on these strong foundations in delivering new educational pathways with a focus on proficiency at all levels, enabling governance professionals to forge long-lasting careers in an ever-changing landscape.


We are a registered institute of higher education with the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA).


What are the capabilities of a governance professional?


Governance Academy has undertaken extensive research to define the core skills, knowledge and mindset needed for professionals to excel in the field.


The focus is on governance capabilities covering three domains:

• The principles: what you do
• The practice: how you work
• The personal: how you think and behave

Future courses will be aligned to the governance capabilities, building proficiency in each capability to the level of emerging, established and expert. The first capability-aligned short course, Environmental and Social Governance (ESG), will be available on the 31 July 2024 in Melbourne and online.  


For more information or to register, click the link below.