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Change in circumstances?

If your circumstances have changed, you may be eligible to change to a retired membership or a reduced fee rate.

Please fill out your details below to request a fee reduction and our membership team will be in touch. You can add in any supporting details for your request in the enquiry box.

Retired membership

Retirees receive a discounted membership rate and are exempt from CPD requirements.

To be considered for the retired rate, you must:

  • be fully retired from employment and will not be returning to paid employment
  • have a nil personal exertion income(income derived directly from the effort of a person).

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Reduced fee rates

Special considerations are available for a range of reasons including:

  • unemployment
  • significant health/illness-related issues
  • severe financial hardship
  • unpaid parental leave
  • moving overseas.

Reduction rates can vary from 25 – 75% of your membership fee depending on your individual circumstances.

Download application form

Email your completed form to