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  • Risk management for directors

    A handbook to assist those on the governing body of an organisation ensure their deliberations and oversight of management link the alignment of risk management practices with strategic objectives throughout the organisation.

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  • Risk assessment checklist

    A checklist for assessing risk.

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  • Continual management of risk register

    A risk register is a tool in risk and project management used to identify potential risks in a project or an organisation.

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  • Good Governance Guide — Risk governance

    Those exercising authority and making decisions within an organisation exercise power to facilitate the strategic objectives of the organisation. Each entity is faced with a range of risks that it needs to identify and manage in order to achieve strategic objectives.

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  • School governance toolkit

    A 'go-to' reference for any school board or council, this essential toolkit will assist potential or existing board members to navigate the unique terrain of school governance.

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  • Handling confidential, market-sensitive information: Principles of good practice

    It is essential that corporations develop and adopt sound practices that support and adhere to the principles of continuous disclosure and ensure the effective management of confidential information. Governance Institute and AIRA have jointly developed these principles of good practice that corporations can implement,

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  • Managing Culture — A good practice guide

    This Guide outlines how each group in an organisation can contribute to a good culture, the first step of which is to create an ethical framework that provides guidance on decisions and an appropriate ‘tone from the top’.

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