The power of purpose to drive performance and governance

  • Purpose is a deeply held belief that guides how and what is done, which options are pursued in work and life.
  • When hiring leaders, it's critical to understand what motivates them to lead and causes them to act.
  • Leadership purpose not an outcome, rather an intention of how you intend to live your life and engage fully in your career, with your team and work.

The United Nations has designated 2021 to be the international year of Peace and Trust. As governance leaders, we may have little control over world peace, but we do have significant influence in building trust, confidence and accountability within the organisations we serve. 

Governance Institute's Ethics Index 2020 shows that accountability and transparency are the top two key factors to ensure ethical conduct in business, according to respondents1 Trust in organisations is inextricably linked with transparency and accountability. Without the accountability of transparent reporting, organisations have a near-impossible task of building genuine trust with their customers, employees, suppliers and the broader community within which they operate.

How do you build trust in an organisation? As risk and governance professionals, you have implemented frameworks, systems, controls and practices to comply with good governance principles and build confidence with the board that the organisation is being managed effectively and ethically.

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