Why resilience is key to transformational leadership

  • Transformational leadership is a driver of excellence in the workplace  
  • Resilience is the essential attribute that enables the delivery of a transformational style of leadership. 
  • We need to develop the internal ability of people to lead themselves and build and maintain their resilience

Unprecedented times require outstanding leaders who can lead and flourish in a changing environment. It is no longer acceptable to tolerate ‘old school’ leadership styles and allow people to abdicate responsibility for their role. Those selected to lead must deliver consistent transformational leadership to enhance outcomes for the organisation and its people. In this context, the relationship between transformational leadership and resilience is key to understanding the new frontier of leadership that we are facing.  

We know from comprehensive and ongoing research that transformational leadership is a driver of excellence in the workplace. It builds individual capacity, enhances engagement, and the visionary aspect is crucial in adapting to our changing environments. Authentic leaders adjust to challenges and obstacles as they arise and ensure that people are taken on the journey to success.  

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