Human skills are future skills

  • As we continue moving towards a machine-based world, process-driven roles are becoming more obsolete.  
  • Employers will require ‘human’ skills of creativity and curiosity; communication and collaboration and teamwork. 
  • How can employers foster these skills in the workforce of the future?  

In 1760, the industrial revolution not only changed the workforce, but it also changed the definition of what it meant to be human. Today, we stand on the edge of the automation revolution. Just as basic machinery took over the manual labour industry, advanced computers and artificial intelligence are beginning to become as capable as humans. Truth be told, they are more advanced in many areas today including speed, memory and capacity. 

According to a new piece of research conducted by the Australian School of Entrepreneurship (an initiative of The ASE Group), employers will be demanding three core ‘human’ skills in the workforce of the future: 

  1. Creativity and curiosity
  2. Communication
  3. Collaboration and teamwork

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