Acting for You, October 2018

Modernising business registers

Governance Institute has been a long-time supporter of government initiatives to modernise existing business infrastructure. We lodged our submission to Treasury supporting the objectives of the Modernising Business Register program, particularly government’s commitment to improving service delivery to, and reducing complexity for, business. These reforms are needed to improve the user experience, simplify the way clients interact with government registers and streamline internal processes. Our members report significant inefficiencies and costs for users with existing registers.

Some of the key issues we outlined with the current systems which need to be addressed as part of the reform include:

  • a lack of interaction between registers so that a minor change in details requires lodgment of multiple forms
  • a lack of integration between the ACNC and ASIC registers
  • an inconsistent approach to payment options across forms and registries
  • an inability for companies to interrogate their own information on the register which makes searching for information very difficult
  • a confusing system of forms and deadlines which increases the likelihood of late fees
  • an inflexible and bureaucratic approach to late fees and significant red tape in late fee waiver applications
  • inflexible and out-dated methods for payment.

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