Trust: The critical success factor

  • The failure to inculcate trust with peers and team members leads to project delays and underperformance.
  • Rebuilding trust takes more effort, time and resources than establishing it.
  • Organisational leaders and project managers need to consider four areas to build and maintain trust.

Line drawing of handshake

‘Trust has to be built on the conviction that this conductor, this coordinator, this executive creates a partnership — and then you have trust’. — Peter Drucker

When trust evaporates a downward spiral follows

Martin is an astute, experienced and seasoned project manager who led umpteen number of projects to successful completion in last three decades. He has built an enviable reputation over time. But today is a different day. He has just finished the lengthy project management review meeting.

As he looks out of the glass wall of his office, the comments by the review committee members and auditors flashback in his memory, and he is feeling exasperated and exhausted.

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