Turn culture into a competitive advantage with AI

  • Attitudes, values and perceptions captured through surveys, interviews and workshops, do not always equate to, or predict our actions.
  • Organisational network analysis, or ONA, reveals the key influencers of culture at the local business unit level and within the formal hierarchy.
  • To solve the issue of the static nature of staff surveys, there are AI based tools for ONA available — an approach we call ‘machine ONA’.

Robot pointing to their head

Corporate culture remains one of the most difficult issues for organisations to get right. Organisational balance sheets and reputations are being severely impacted while regulatory and community scrutiny is intensifying. It has become a topic of national conversation.

Initially, dysfunctional culture can act less like a volcanic blast and more like a subterranean rumble, forcing fissures in the bedrock of the organisation, while on the surface work goes on with little apparent disruption. Until one day, chronic culture weaknesses inevitably result in a systemic failure and the organisation finds itself embroiled in a front-page scandal of its own making.

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