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Year: 2004

Reporting against the ASX Corporate Governance Council guidelines


Corporate Australia is struggling to come to grips with the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s guidelines (ASXCGCG), a new survey of the Top 200 companies has found, with only two per cent of respondents believing that the guidelines will improve their organisation’s performance even though complying with them has increased costs by an average of 11 per cent.

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Corporate Governance rating agencies need to lift their game


Seventy-seven per cent of corporate governance professionals in Australia’s listed public companies believe that corporate governance rating agencies’ assessments of companies are not accurate and that the methodologies they use lack rigour and transparency.

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BCA releases shareholder communication discussion paper


The Business Council today released a Discussion Paper outlining a number of new approaches Australia’s listed companies might adopt to strengthen or improve their communication and interaction with shareholders.

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The chair, not 'pre-nups', should manage departures


Corporate Australia is sharply divided as to whether individual agreements with directors would erode shareholder rights or if they could result in a ‘compliant board’.

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Experienced professionals using our Graduate Diploma for a career in governance


It was back to the books for mother of two-year old twins and the Company Secretary & Corporate Solicitor at Tempo Services Limited, Jane Wilder, when the incumbent company secretary retired and she was offered the role six months ago.

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Company Secretary qualifications disclosed


CLERP 9 corporate law legislation requiring company secretaries to disclose their qualifications and experience in the annual report is a win for shareholders as they will soon know if the person responsible for good governance in a company is qualified for the job, the peak body for good governance claims.

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