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  • Social media tips to maximise your professional network

    by Becher Townshend, Managing Director, Font Public Relations

    LinkedIn is becoming a vital part of everyday business life, with job seekers, employers, clients and associates alike using the social media platform to make business connections, receive industry-specific information and to promote themselves or their business. It also enables head-hunters or recruiters to judge an individual’s credibility, skills and business networks.

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  • Why your domain should be top of your watch list

    by Dr Alpana Roy, Associate Professor, School of Law, Western Sydney University

    In today’s world, and certainly in the technologically developed world, it would be difficult to meet someone who hasn’t shopped for or researched a brand online. Often the internet is the first port of call for consumers to discover more about, and connect to, a brand or organisation in any market sector.

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  • Australians hold directors and executives accountable for corporate ethics

    by Steven Burrell, Chief Executive Officer, Governance Institute of Australia

    Governance Institute of Australia’s recently launched inaugural Ethics Index has confirmed what many of us suspected; that while Australian society overall is seen as ‘somewhat ethical’, many view big business, the banks and politicians as unethical.

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