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Public sector governance — challenges and approach

Posted by Judith Fox, National Director, Policy & Publishing on 09/05/2016

The public sector constitutes the backbone of any government or society, and effective governance within the public sector can make a vast difference to how public sector entities perform and to the outcomes sought by a government. This makes it a compelling reason for public sector entities to periodically review and refine their approach to governance.

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Corporate culture — how well are you managing this risk?

Posted by Judith Fox, National Director, Policy & Publishing on 19/04/2016

Company directors are being challenged like never before to keep a close eye on their corporate cultures. ASIC, APRA and more recently Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull have all strongly emphasised the role that corporate culture plays in driving employee behaviour.

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Risk management culture: Is your organisation ‘risk-ready’?

Posted by Rachel Waterhouse, Manager, Marketing & Membership Services on 14/04/2016

The single most significant event to jolt the business community into taking risk management seriously was the global financial crisis (GFC). That was over a decade ago. Today, economic conditions have evolved and while the risks may be different, they are no less urgent. Businesses face a future where technological resilience can make or break business models and innovation is a key to survival.  

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Forging a great career in governance — tips from ANZ Australia Wealth’s Head Company Secretary

Posted by Rachel Waterhouse, National Director, Marketing & Membership Services on 05/04/2016

Jane Bowd heads the company secretarial team at ANZ Australia Wealth, which is responsible for the governance, compliance and board/committee operations of a group of 65 entities spanning the insurance, superannuation, managed funds and financial planning industries.

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CEO succession planning — both a business and a governance issue

Posted by Judith Fox, National Director, Policy & Publishing on 23/03/2016

2015 was dubbed the ‘killing season’ for Australian CEOs, with the sudden resignations of a raft of high-profile leaders, including Woolworths’ Grant O’Brien, Myer’s Bernie Brooks, Orica’s Ian Smith and Santos’ David Knox. In fact, 35 of the ASX top 200 companies replaced their CEO last year, giving Australia the dubious honour of leading the world in CEO churn at a rate 35 per cent higher than global multinationals, according to PWC’s 15th annual CEO succession study.

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Paul Bloxham reveals how Australia’s economy will stack up in 2016

Posted by Rachel Waterhouse, National Director, Marketing & Membership Services on 14/03/2016

2016 is shaping up to be a big year for Australians and economic pundits alike, as the country strives for growth in the wake of the mining boom, and a high stakes federal election looms.

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