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Culture and corporate governance in 2017

Posted by Alberto Colla, Partner MinterEllison on 24/05/2017

While regulators worldwide have extracted nearly A$400 billion in fines from banks and investment banks for various scandals since the global financial crisis, unethical conduct is not just the province of the financial sector. Last year, Volkswagen agreed to a US$14.7 billion settlement in the US, admitting it had installed software in diesel cars to cheat exhaust emission tests.

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In an age of disruption — trust is a real issue for boards

Posted by Rachel Botsman, author of the upcoming book, 'Who Can You Trust?' on 23/05/2017

A key issue for boards to embrace is that the real disruption happening is not technology itself, but the massive trust shift it creates

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Carving a successful career in governance

Posted by Helen Wild, accountant, internal auditor, non-executive director and winner of the Ian Falconer Award on 17/05/2017

I was honored, surprised and truly chuffed when I was recently awarded the Semester 2, 2016 Ian Falconer Award for the Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance’s overall best graduating student. 

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Culture counts so safeguard it at all cost

Posted by Heather Brown, Executive Director KordaMentha Corporate on 10/05/2017

The takeout from corporate scandals tracing back to the early 2000s make it very clear that without an ethical and compliant culture, organisations are at risk. The good thing now of course is that the concept of culture is moving from a lofty, soft concept to something that should be defined, measured and improved.

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Disruption: The new frontier for governance and risk professionals

Posted by Jost Stollmann, Executive Director, Tyro Payments on 23/03/2017

In times of digital disruption, technology is transforming industries at an unprecedented pace. There is no more old and new economy, everything is new, everything is re-invented.

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You don’t know what you don’t know

Posted by Kate Charters, Director, Management Solutions (Qld) on 17/02/2017

A government bureaucrat for 20 years and running my own business for over 15 years, I thought I had the governance of boards and chairing meetings down pat and was up to speed on the processes and procedures inherent in sitting on an executive board.

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