Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are my postnominals? And what do they stand for?

  • Certificated member: GIA(Cert)
  • Associate member: AGIA (Associate of Governance Institute of Australia) and ACIS (Associate of ICSA)
  • Fellow member: FGIA (Fellow of Governance Institute of Australia) and FCIS (Fellow of ICSA)

I am a subscriber and I want to access the members’ only section on the website?

Subscribers do not have access to the member’s only section on the website.

Can I transfer my subscriber package or my membership to someone else?

No, subscriber package and membership are on an individual basis, not a corporate basis.

Why is compulsory CPD important?

A personal CPD program ensures that members’ knowledge and skills are enhanced and maintained in the area of governance and risk management.

CPD plays an important role in:

  • educating members on the latest developments in governance, risk management and compliance
  • keeping members’ skills current
  • reassuring regulators, employers and the wider community that Governance Institute members have the technical knowledge and skills to be effective governance professionals.

What is valid CPD?

Governance Institute considers ‘valid CPD’ as contributing to and/or relevant to your current role and responsibilities (and/or future career progression) as a governance and risk management professional.

I am a chartered secretary in India, can I transfer my membership to Australia?

No. We do not have an agreement between the Institute of Company Secretaries of India and Governance Institute of Australia to allow this.


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