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Title Article summary Date published
  • What good looks like
  • No more trading halts for bookbuilds
  • New scheme proposed to combat corporate crime
  • Employers to face tougher
  • penalties for underpayment


  • Zilla Efrat speaks with Rachel Botsman about governance in the new digital age and the possibility of bots on boards.
  • How can leadership bridge the gap between prescriptive approaches of the law and the descriptive elements in the principles of corporate governance to deliver good corporate culture?
  • Leadership is not governance. Instead, leadership should be viewed as a facet of governance.
  • Amending or introducing new legislation is not the best answer.
  • Technical skills are not enough to realise an effective data strategy.
  • The data strategy must include a workplan or a set of actions that describes the way the organisation will use its data strategy to meet its objectives.
  • Beware of implementing an overly secure system that defeats the purpose of utilising data as an asset.

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