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School governance toolkit — download your copy (free)

Our school governance toolkit is a 'go-to' reference for any school board or council.

Governing schools can be complex with many school boards reviewing policies and updating procedures in order to tighten governance frameworks.

This essential toolkit will assist potential or existing board members to navigate the unique terrain of school governance. The school governance toolkit uses the deep experience and knowledge from many of our members who sit on boards of non-government schools. It provides practical guidance on dealing with the governance issues that may arise in the school environment.

The toolkit is freely available to all schools, independent school associations and non-government school boards and councils. This is an essential toolkit for all non-government schools’ board packs.

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Professional development workshops

Our variety of school governance training options provide you and your school with an in-depth understanding of key governance principles and the duties of school governance professionals. Develop and fine-tune your skills to run an effective school board and drive responsible performance throughout your organisation.

Governance Institute is a NESA approved provider.

Under requirements in the Education Act 1990, non-government school responsible persons in NSW must undertake a mandatory 12 hours every three-year period of professional learning in the governance field.

Also as part of the induction process, new responsible persons must undergo governance training.

School Governance: Essentials

Gain a comprehensive understanding of governance and the key elements required to confidently run your school. You’ll receive case studies, resources and useful tips that you can practically implement in your school.

School Governance: Board Member Duties

Understand the accountability of those in the role of ‘responsible person’ and identify examples of common conflicts of interest, and how to deal with them. You will also explore how the implementation of risk management can protect your school business and reputation.

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In-house training

We can tailor a workshop to meet your school’s specific needs and learning requirements. For more information, contact us at or on (02) 9223 5744.

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