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Our short courses are taught by industry-leading practitioners and are half-day duration (3.5 hours of presentation). 

They are available as face-to-face tutorials or online and you can ‘mix and match’ your modes of study to suit you. Complete six short courses to complete a Certificate or simply top up your skills with a course that will help you excel in your role.

Certificate in Governance Practice Certificate in Governance
and Risk Management
Certificate in
Governance for Not-for-Profits
Governance Essentials Governance and Risk Management Governance Essentials
Duties of Officers and Directors  Assessing, Analysing and Treating Risk Not-for-Profit Financial Management
 Financial Analysis for Officers and Directors Meeting Compliance Requirements Not-for-Profit Officers, Directors and the Board
 Assessing, Analysing and Treating Risk Risk Management Frameworks
Not-for-Profit Regulatory Compliance
Plus two elective courses Plus two elective courses Plus two elective courses
Accidental Company Secretary®
Assessing, Analysing and Treating Risk
Business Continuity and Reputation Risk
Duties of Officers and Directors
Ethics, culture and governance
Financial Analysis for Officers and Directors
Governance and Risk Management
Governance Essentials
Legal Framework of Governance
Meeting ASIC Requirements
Meeting ASX Listing Rules Requirements
Meeting Compliance Requirements

Meetings, Minutes and Resolutions

Minutes for Boards and Committees

Not-for-Profit Financial Management
Not-for-Profit Officers, Directors and the Board
Not-for-Profit Regulatory Compliance
Risk Management Essentials
Risk Management Frameworks
Security Risk
Workplace Health and Safety Due Diligence


Short course fees

The course fee for each half-day course (3.5 hours) is:

  • Members: $485
  • Subscribers: $565
  • Non-members: $595


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Whether you are doing your course via tutorial or via distance, you will receive comprehensive course materials in downloadable soft copy.

Note: In the face-to-face mode, hard copy materials will not be available on the day of the short course.

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