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Chant Legacy Scholarship

Chant Legacy

The Chant Legacy Scholarship has been made possible by a trust set up in the original will of the late Mr Leonard Watson Chant.

He was elected an Associate member in 1926 and advanced to Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators in 1938. He gained first place in the Institute’s Australasia examinations, and was awarded Gold Medallist and a Certificate of Merit at the time.

He established a tutorial college with the objective of strengthening the knowledge of students enrolling for these governance examinations, with a key interest in accounting and company secretarial work. In addition, his work advocated governance education opportunities for those people interested in further knowledge in the governance area.

As the trustee of the Chant Legacy Scholarship, Governance Institute of Australia is pleased to offer an opportunity for individuals who have a need and a desire to study governance at a postgraduate level.

Practical skills and applied knowledge in governance have never been more valued by organisations and government departments worldwide and for many, it provides the opportunity to pursue a career as a senior governance professional, senior manager and take on board directorships.



To be eligible:

  • you need to show that you meet the requirements of entry into the nominated postgraduate governance study in accordance with the rules of the relevant government-accredited education provider.
  • your course of study needs to be relevant to your career aspirations.
    your selected course must fit in with the aims and intent of the Chant Trust.
  • you must show a financial need in order to apply for the scholarship.
    Scholarship applications will be judged and awarded by an independent committee according to set selection criteria.

If your chosen program of study is already underway, you will not be eligible for the scholarship.

Please note: If you receive scholarship funding from us, you are only eligible to complete the number of subjects approved by the scholarship committee. The scholarship does not cover extra subjects as and when requested by the applicant.

Application process

The Scholarship application process is as set out below:

  1. Step 1:  Submit Scholarship Application including all supporting documents.
  2. Step 2:  Scholarship Committee will review applications and through a judging process based on the aims of the Chant Trust, including demonstrating a financial need, and determine any scholarship recipients.
  3. Step 3:  Governance Institute to undertake verification of Identity Documents for committee-nominated scholarship recipients.
    Step 4 Subject to identity verification scholarship/s will be awarded.


You are entitled to an amount up to AUD $2,290 per subject and up to AUD $4,580 per semester (where more than one subject is studied within the semester) and to a maximum of AUD $9,160 per year. The total amount awarded for any applicant is to a maximum of AUD $13,740 for the whole course of study.

The scholarship funding covers study fees only. It will not cover any other fees or expenses, such as travel, campus accommodation, suggested reading and study materials.

Successful applicants

Once you have enrolled in your postgraduate course, an official invoice from the government-accredited educational institution needs to be sent to Governance Institute of Australia Ltd. The amount for that subject will be paid directly to the institution.

  • Applicants must provide official proof that they have passed a subject before being awarded the funding for the next subject on the course.
  • If, at any time, the scholarship recipient (for whatever reason*) ceases to study their nominated postgraduate course, or is reported to Governance Institute by the institution for failing to comply with any prerequisite rules, terms and conditions of study, future subject amounts will not be awarded, and your scholarship will cease. You need to pass your current subject in order to receive further funding and you must provide evidence of this.
  • As Trustees of the Leonard Watson Chant Legacy, Governance Institute of Australia Ltd reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of the postgraduate governance scholarship at any time and, as such, no individual correspondence will be entered into over and above a general announcement of any changes

*Reasons may include academic performance, attendance record, and disciplinary actions taken against the student. Exemptions to this rule would include documented and accepted absence due to ill health or other valid reasons for being unable to study at a particular time. In these cases, timing for future funding will be provided by arrangement.



“The scholarship enabled me to vastly expand my knowledge on governance and has assisted me in undertaking my duties as a Director.”

Kate Charters AGIS, ACIS – Director, Management Solutions