Public Sector Accountability and Transparency

This subject is designed for the public sector. It aims to provide an understanding of issues in relation to the role, functions, operations and performance of public sector organisations. It examines underlying concepts and identifies best practice principles.

 Learning outcomes

  • Understand the context within which public sector governance operates
  • Understand, evaluate and recommend appropriate policies and procedures within the public sector to achieve accountability and transparency
  • Be able to identify and critically analyse the accountability and transparency standards within your own or another organisation and provide appropriate advice
  • Understand and be able to apply the governance frameworks and principles that underpin current governance in Australia including the relationship between transparency, trust and good government
  • Recognise and critique the limitations of current governance standards and propose directions for improvement within your own or another organisation and provide appropriate advice

Indicative content

  • Operational context
  • Governance frameworks and principles — Part 1
  • Governance frameworks and principles — Part 2
  • Governance and policy development
  • Public sector boards
  • Managing knowledge and information
  • Public sector committees and meetings
  • Records and reporting — Part 1
  • Records and reporting — Part 2
  • Stakeholders and interested parties
  • Auditor-General and other public sector accountability mechanisms
  • Transparency and conflicting interests

Required texts


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