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Governance and risk management postgraduate education excellence recognised

2020 Dux winners

Recognising student excellence and its 2020 graduates, Governance Institute of Australia has held its annual National Dux Awards.

The virtual awards were opened by ANZ Bank Company Secretary and Governance Institute brand ambassador Simon Pordage FGIA FCG who congratulated all attendees on their “outstanding achievement.”.

“[Postgraduate study] really is a vital aspect of practising corporate governance and a great grounding in the practice of it,” Mr Pordage said.

Governance Institute CEO Megan Motto FGIA also spoke at the event saying it is a huge commitment to study at postgraduate level — particularly in such an unusual year where many juggled their studies with other commitments such as home-schooling and working from home.

“You are all an integral part of a profession which offers great challenge and opportunity to those who seek the best in standards and knowledge,” Ms Motto said.

“Congratulations to all our 2020 graduates.”

Ms Motto recently commenced her own postgraduate studies with Governance Institute.

“I am a great advocate of continuing the learning journey, of taking that next step in your lifelong learning, and I am so incredibly inspired, in awe and a little daunted by all of you.”

The full list of National Dux Award categories and winners can be found here.

Here’s what some of the winners of this year’s Governance Institute Dux Awards had to say about their study experiences:

Goffage Award Dux, Rob Thomas FGIA FCG: It’s amazing how much you learn [from the course] and being able to apply it within your organisation adds a lot of value, I think, to the organisation around making sure they take acceptable risks. I encourage everybody to continue to learn, have an open mind and ask questions.”

Financial and Management Accounting Dux, Tristy Fairfield FGIA FCG: “It’s been really rewarding and I’ve had a lot of opportunity to apply what I have learnt and this has given me a lot of confidence as well.”

Risk and Compliance Dux, David Johnstone: “At the time of doing the subject, I was actually working with Bain Capital in their restructure of Virgin Australia and I was literally reading what I was studying and apply it the next day. So the courses are built on real world examples, real world application. It’s great. I am looking forward to getting through the subject, the course and continuing, and hopefully doing some journals articles with Governance Institute down the track.”

Postgraduate education at Governance Institute

We are currently accepting applications for our postgraduate courses:

  • Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance and Risk Management
  • Graduate Certificate of Applied Corporate Governance and Risk Management.

Undertaking postgraduate education is one pathway to membership of Governance Institute and The Chartered Governance Institute.

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