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Your toolkit to peak performance and mental fitness in the workplace

How are you, really?

Award-winning clinical psychologist Dr Tom Nehmy has a passion for preventative psychology.

Having spent years working in government, corporate and private practice he noticed many of his clients were dealing with stress, depression and anxiety that could have been prevented.

“What if these people had the skills and knowledge that would help resolve their distress before their problem arose?” he asks.

After completing a PhD, his four-year research project became The Healthy Minds Program, a corporate and schools initiative that provides people with the toolset to develop ‘psychological fitness’.

Dr Nehmy will be speaking at the Governance and Risk Management Forum in Adelaide on 12 May. This event is part of Governance Institute of Australia’s series of forums to be held around the country, commencing in Queensland on 5-6 May, then South Australia (12 May), Western Australia (13-14 May), NSW (17-18 May), Victoria (20-21 May). A virtual two-day option is also on offer on 17-18 May.

Dr Nehmy will present a session Mental health in the workplace: Where is the ‘cutting edge’?

“We use wellbeing as a synonym to mental health because it side steps a lot of assumptions and stigma,” he says.

“Wellbeing is the key to more energy, more focus and more efficiency and better performance on the whole. If managers and people leaders notice a drop off in a staff member’s performance very often there’s been a drop off in their wellbeing somewhere and that’s what’s driving the staff member.

“By being proactive with mental health you have a workforce that is more focused, more motivated, more energetic and less likely to take sick leave.”

Dr Nehmy says there’s been a big step forward in recognising the connection between mental wellbeing and performance including operations, skills, business performance and continuity.

“This session will be about how organisations can transform their thinking about mental health and have them approach it in a different way,” Dr Nehmy says.

“Traditionally we approach mental health with a ‘firefighting’ mindset, that is we identify problems after they’ve occurred and then try to solve them. The big shift that’s available to organisations everywhere is to start thinking of a preventive approach. By having a mental health strategy we’re able to prevent the fire from starting in the first place.”

Attendees will be invited to do a wellbeing review and Dr Nehmy will share his vision of what ‘best practice’ looks like in the workplace and reveal what the gold standard is.

“This will give participants an idea of what that looks like compared to their own workplaces,” he says.

“We expect it will generate some analysis and ideas on areas they can improve and strategies they can take away and implement.”


The Governance and Risk Management Forum 2021 returns around Australia in May. Click here to find an event in your state. The forum is an opportunity to address the latest issues shaping the leadership, governance and risk management landscape in your state and network with your peers.

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