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Governance Institute Announces Winners of 2024 Arts Support Program

Empowering the arts community through governance excellence

Governance Institute has awarded three Australian arts organisations scholarships to undertake governance training as part of our 2024 Arts Support Program.

The successfully applicants are Tasmania’s Ten Days on The Island, the Darwin Fringe Festival, and the Perth Symphony Orchestra.

This program aims to provide training and professional development in essential governance and risk management skills to arts organisations facing unprecedented challenges.

These organisations have been awarded scholarships for two of the Governance Institute’s leading courses: the Effective Director Course and a Certificate in Governance and Risk Management. The support program was initiated in 2020 in response to the global pandemic, which posed significant challenges to the arts sector.

Vernon Guest, CEO of Ten Days on The Island, said the opportunity will allow the festival to enhance its governance practices and better serve the community.

“It’s crucial for arts organisations to have strong leadership and management skills, especially in these challenging times.”

It’s important for the director and the fellow directors have a clear understanding of how they can contribute and add value to the conversation and get a sense of you know, how they can make a governance contribution rather than just kind of following along with the strategic plan.

Guest emphasised the importance of continuous learning and improvement in his role as CEO.

“I’ve done various courses with organisations over the years, and it’s all a process of constantly learning and improving my knowledge. So, I think the opportunity to undertake this course is very timely.”

Sebastian Marks, Production Manager of the Perth Symphony Orchestra is currently completing the course and echoed Guest’s sentiments.

“The course has been incredibly insightful so far. It has helped me provide better recommendations to our board and understand our obligations as directors.”

“It’s also helping me progress towards my goal of being a member of multiple boards across different industries.”

Marks expressed the importance of governance in ensuring compliance and guiding creativity within arts organisations.

“Having structures and frameworks in place helps guide our creativity while ensuring that we remain compliant with our obligations. It’s crucial for boards to understand their role in decision-making and governance.”

Both Guest and Marks highlighted the relevance of the Governance Institute’s courses to their respective organisations and careers. With the assistance of the Arts Support Program, these organisations will be better equipped to navigate the challenges of the arts sector and contribute to its continued growth and success.

The Governance Institute’s commitment to empowering leaders in the arts community through training and professional development is evident in its ongoing support of organisations like Ten Days on The Island and the Perth Symphony Orchestra. As the arts sector continues to evolve, initiatives like the Arts Support Program play a vital role in ensuring its resilience and sustainability.

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