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Federal Government announces a review of business communications

The Federal Government has announced it will look at ways that red tape can be cut from business communications in a bid to boost the nation’s post-pandemic economic recovery.

Modernising business communications will be one of the government’s Deregulation Taskforce’s next priority areas, it was announced.

Following its joint submission with Australasian Investor Relations Association to the Taskforce last year, Governance Institute has welcomed the increased scrutiny of the legislation covering digital communication which is often criticised as being out of date and out of touch.

CEO Megan Motto says she hopes some significant improvements to the delivery of communications are delivered, and in particular that the electronic distribution of meeting notices is provided for.

“This is an exceptional chance for some real reform of digital communications and we look forward to some positive, permanent steps in this area,” Ms Motto said.

The Taskforce will “work with business and consumers to identify and address these issues, and with state and territory governments to explore complementary reforms”, and will also examine other legislation that can potentially be made technology neutral.

The Deregulation Taskforce was recently moved to be part of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, having previously sat within Treasury.

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