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Data and AI under the spotlight in two new expert guides

Two new Good Governance Guides have just been released, examining the topics of data as an asset and ethical artificial intelligence (AI).

Developed by the Governance Institute of Australia’s Risk and Technology Committee, the new guides highlight the issues you need to consider about these increasingly complex topics.

Recognising that data is an asset – and treating it accordingly – is a key part of promoting good governance in an organisation.

The Data as an asset Good Governance Guide looks at the issues of:

  • the increasing importance of data, its uses and the different types
  • why data governance is essential to good corporate governance
  • the scope of data governance
  • data privacy issues
  • ISO data governance
  • data related risks
  • personal or sensitive information
  • the role of directors and data governance committees.

The Ethical AI guide considers the possibilities of misuse, unintentional bias, data privacy and other ethical concerns when it comes to artificial intelligence – and why it is important for boards and senior management to commit to ethical behaviour in relation to AI.

The guide looks at:

  • the types and use of AI
  • automated decision making
  • AI ethics in context
  • AI Ethics Principles
  • risk
  • potential for bias
  • role of directors
  • AI in the boardroom
  • skills.

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