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Climate change risk disclosure

A practical guide to reporting against ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations

February 2020

Recommendation 7.4 of the new ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Principles encourages entities for the first time to consider and report upon any material exposure to climate change risk. This practical new guide helps you to identify and disclose your climate change risks. 

You need to understand climate change risks affecting your businesses to remain competitive. With stakeholders more focused than ever before on climate change and sustainability, if you fail to address these issues, the market will pass you by. 

Our Ethics Index for 2019 also found that nine in 10 Australians wanted governments and organisations to take action on climate change. 

Who should read this guide?

Directors, governance and risk professionals, and C-suite executives have a responsibility to their shareholders, employees, and other stakeholders to know the risks their organisations face. 

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Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, provided a short pre-recorded video to introduce the issues addressed at the 2019 Climate Alliance conference. He spoke about how the finance market is addressing the risks presented by climate change and how the same approach can be used in other industries.

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Joint statement on board minutes (2019)

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