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Why Governance Institute has launched a women-exclusive Effective Director Course

Governance Institute of Australia has launched its flagship course for directors in a women’s exclusive format, saying targeted action is needed to boost equality in the upper echelons of business.

“With this launch, we are targeting the top tiers of an organisation, helping amplify senior leadership roles for women and encouraging a new generation of female directors,” Governance Institute CEO Megan Motto said.

“Equality and diversity are key tenets of good governance – and both also directly contribute to better business.

“We need more women in top roles and this new course has been specifically designed to help drive this change.”

The Effective Director Course has been running for four years for aspiring and newly appointed directors, executives transitioning into more senior roles, and those who need to be educated about the role of a director. The course examines the challenges faced by a director on a board, the dynamics of director effectiveness, and the key elements of a high performing board.

The new women exclusive Effective Director Course will also drill down on:

  • strategies to address systemic and cultural challenges
  • tackling unconscious bias
  • enhancing visibility, influence and voice
  • attributes and skills to enable a compelling and purposeful leadership pathway for female leaders.

Rather than the traditional three-day face-to-face intensive course structure, the women’s exclusive Effective Director Course will run virtually over seven weeks as short sessions, introducing a new level of flexibility.

While the pandemic continues to dominate many business discussions and decisions, now is not the time to take the focus off boardroom diversity, Ms Motto said.

“To thrive – especially in times of challenge and crisis – organisations need a diverse mix of views, problem-solving skills and knowledge at the boardroom table – and this comes best from having a diverse board.

“By launching our flagship director course exclusively for women, we aim to encourage a new level of diversity at the top by helping equip, empower and inspire the next generation of female leaders.”

The inaugural women’s exclusive Effective Director Course launches on 4 May.


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