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Time to elevate operational risk management

Perceptions are changing about operational risk management (ORM). So often in the past, C-suite executives viewed the function as a critical – but essentially, a checkbox-ticking – exercise. These same executives saw the risk management department as one whose function was solely to aggregate risk data and generate reports on it.

Now though, leaders can banish the negativity by elevating and enriching the ORM function.

Operational risk managers already have the capability to deliver insights that will enable senior leaders to improve processes, make decisions, drive competitive advantage and identify the risks worth taking.

By adding value through enhanced services like these, operational risk managers can support leaders in achieving business success and in defining and accomplishing strategic goals.

Camms’ new eBook, Business Intelligence for the C-suite: A New Vision for Operational Risk Management, aims to banish the negativity and elevate the operational risk function from monotonous reporting and worst-case scenarios, to providing expertise to the C-suite.

This knowledge will enable C-suite executives to improve processes, make decisions, drive competitive advantage, and decipher which risks are worth taking to accomplish strategic plans.

Access the eBook here

When data and teams are connected, a more expansive view of the business landscape is promoted – a view that includes not only risk, but also new possibilities and opportunities.

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Camms specialises in business software that integrates solutions in risk, strategy, projects and people.

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