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Postgraduate subject prize winners

Congratulations to our national and state prize winners.

Governance Institute of Australia would like to congratulate all students who completed a subject from a postgraduate course during Semester 2, 2018.

Our Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance provides the key principles and practical techniques for any person with ultimate responsibility for the sound governance of their organisation, government department or other public sector agency.

Governance Institute’s Graduate Certificate of Applied Risk Management is a unique offering in the risk education market. It is a comprehensive course which is designed to give students a solid understanding of risk management frameworks and compliance principles at an organisational and global level for practical application in the workplace.

The Graduate Diploma of Applied Risk Management and Corporate Governance builds on the Graduate Certificate by providing a corporate governance overlay. This is highly relevant for risk professionals who need to deal with boards or understand governance practices in senior management.

Prizes for academic excellence are awarded each semester in most subjects at both a national and state level and are recognised at graduation and awards events held in each state.

Best graduating student
Ian Falconer best graduating student from the Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance Cindy Shammall
Graduate Certificate of Applied Risk Management Nicholas Bewick
Graduate Diploma of Applied Risk Management and Corporate Governance Kely Gannon
Goffage award for best QLD graduating student from Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance Peter Burge
Advanced Risk Management
National dux Niesje Turney
QLD dux Anna Lacey-Reid
WA dux Megan Picker
VIC dux Maria Robbins
NSW dux Niesje Turney
Applied Corporate Law
National dux Jasmyn Wardell-Johnson
NSW dux Adam Campbell
VIC dux Richard Langley
QLD dux Val Pope
WA dux Jasmyn Wardell-Johnson
Corporate Accountability: Meetings and Disclosure
National dux Varni Thivianathan
WA dux Andrew Griffiths
QLD dux Catherine Phillips
NSW dux Amanda Hicks-McLean
VIC dux Varni Thivianathan
Corporate Financial Management
National dux Rory Salisbury
QLD dux Rory Salisbury
NSW dux Robert Smith
VIC dux Julia Thomas
Corporate Governance
National dux Carol Van Den End
VIC dux Carol Van Den End
NSW dux Amanda Cheney
Financial and Management Accounting
National dux Claire Anderson
NSW dux Claire Anderson
Public Sector Accountability and Transparency
National dux Brendan Gribbin
QLD dux Brendan Gribbin
Risk and Compliance
National dux Cindy Shammall
QLD dux Julie Taylor
NSW dux Paul Gubecka
VIC dux Cindy Shammall
Risk Management in Practice
National dux Jacky Purves
NSW dux David Mooney

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