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Optimising the virtual boardroom: A guide to planning and executing virtual board meetings

(Sponsored article) It has been more than a year since corporate governance teams around the globe scrambled to pivot their organisation’s board meetings from traditional boardrooms to virtual meeting platforms.

Organisations everywhere were faced with the challenge of replicating the confidentiality and collegiality of in-person board meetings in a digital environment.

As Nasdaq’s corporate governance team navigated an entire board season filled with virtual events and meetings, we found that with the right ideas, tools, people and support, it is possible to digitise the boardroom without compromising efficiency, confidentiality, or group dynamics.

A new whitepaper, ‘Optimising the virtual boardroom’, covers key insights from the Nasdaq governance team for best supporting virtual board meetings.

Topics include:

  • Best practices for building the virtual board table
  • Mitigating meeting day glitches
  • Ensuring confidentiality of the board materials

Download the full whitepaper here

About Nasdaq Governance Solutions

Nasdaq Governance Solutions offers technology to streamline and manage boardroom processes including board portals, evaluation, and ESG services. For more information, please contact Guy Gilead: or +61 (402) 923853.

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