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New sustainability committee for Governance Institute

The Governance Institute is excited to announce the launch of the new Sustainability Committee this month. The Committee will support the Institute’s leadership in an increasingly busy space of policy and advocacy activities impacting our membership and entities in all sectors.

As the international landscape rapidly evolves, a pipeline of Government reforms in climate and sustainability investment, reporting, and disclosure are among the key governance issues facing businesses and organisations across all sectors.

Catherine Maxwell, General Manager of Policy and Advocacy says the advice from members so far is that there are many gaps in effective governance frameworks on sustainability.

“There is a need to demystify an increasingly busy regulatory landscape for our members and help support them and their organisations in the transition to a net zero economy,” she said.

“As we increase our behind-the-scenes engagement with government, legislators and regulators on behalf of our members, as well as our continued work on public submissions, policy statements and research, it’s important that we have strong expert input and consultation with our membership who are actively involved in this space.”

The committee, led by Senior Policy and Advocacy Advisor Daniel Popovski, will play an influential role in raising some of the emerging issues for examination, while supporting members in developing best practice guidance and other tools to drive sustainability management, reporting, and investment.

Governance Institute is planning to further enhance our sustainability work with an annual sustainability report and symposium on the cards for 2024 and collaboration with external partners to build on opportunities for future initiatives.

For further information on the committee and to express your interest in future working groups, please contact

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