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New NFP Governance guide empowers not-for-profit organisations

Our latest Good Governance Guide is a useful tool for not-for-profit governance.

Governance Institute has launched a new Good Governance Guide resource to assist effective governance for not-for-profit organisations. NFP Governance offers helpful advice to NFPs seeking to navigate the complexities of governance with confidence and clarity.

It follows the recently released, Authority and Delegation of Decision-Making in Not-for-profit Organisations, which includes such tools as outlining the responsibilities and composition of boards, and the delegation of authority.

NFP Governance delves into the core principles of stewardship and clearly defines stakeholder roles and decision-making powers to foster a culture of transparency and accountability. In doing so, it provides a comprehensive framework for governance excellence.

NFP Governance advocates for the establishment of strong governance structures, urging governing bodies to articulate a clear vision, mission and values statement that resonates with the organisation’s objectives. It also stresses the role of culture in driving organisational performance, with the board taking the lead in shaping and embedding core values and behaviours.

In line with its recommendations, NFPs are encouraged to use essential tools for effective governance, including board charters, skills matrices, and policies on diversity, inclusion, and conflicts of interest. The guide emphasises the importance of proactive risk management policies and stakeholder engagement strategies to grow trust and transparency.

Recognising the critical role of stakeholder engagement in organisational sustainability, the guide advocates for meaningful dialogue and transparent communication channels. By embracing inclusive engagement strategies tailored to the unique needs of stakeholders, NFPs can strengthen community trust and enhance organisational resilience.

Containing invaluable insights and practical recommendations, NFPs can navigate the governance landscape with resilience and efficiency with the help our latest Good Governance Guide.

You can view all of our resources on the Governance Institute website.

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