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New digital toolbox launched to tackle workplace sexual harassment

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Concerned about slow action on workplace sexual harassment, Chief Executive Women (CEW) has launched a digital ‘toolkit’ of resources designed to stamp out poor behaviour in the workplace.

The toolkit Respect is Everyone’s Business includes:

  • frameworks and scripts to help start conversations on workplace behaviour issues
  • suggested wording that can be used in risk registers and code of conducts
  • board paper templates.

With one in three people experiencing workplace sexual harassment, and of those who witnessed it, only one-third acting, swifter governance measures can’t come soon enough, CEW’s President Sam Mostyn AO says.

“It’s time to end sexual harassment in the workplace,” Ms Mostyn said.

“That means creating safe, equal, zero-tolerance workplace cultures, demonstrating leadership, and holding perpetrators to account.”

“CEW has built a range of resources to kickstart these discussions as well as navigate the potential resistance you might find and ensure you can back your words with action.”

Governance Institute of Australia consulted with CEW on the governance measures for the toolbox and CEO Megan Motto welcomed the launch saying stamping out harassment is an issue for everyone.

“By arming boards and senior managers with actionable steps, we can have a serious impact on stamping out workplace sexual harassment,” Ms Motto said.

Ms Mostyn emphasised the need to band together and spearhead change.

“These tools can help us make impactful change, if we commit to utilising them, and using our collective influence to keep this conversation at the top of the agenda. Together we can help end sexual harassment and build equality across our entire workforce. Respect is everyone’s business.”

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