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Acting for You, February 2024

By Catherine Maxwell FGIA FCG, General Manager, Policy & Advocacy, Governance Institute of Australia 

Ethics and Professional Accountability submission

Following our submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services for its ‘Ethics and Professional Accountability: Structural Challenges in the Audit, Assurance and Consultancy Industry public consultation, and our appearance to give evidence, Governance Institute has submitted our responses to the questions on notice requested at the hearing. In our response, we also provided more detail depth regarding our initial submission relating to the need for improved whistleblower protections and commented on other submissions to the Committee relevant to whistleblower protections.

We will continue to update members on any developments following our appearance before the Committee.

Public Sector Whistleblowing Stage 2 Reforms submission

Governance Institute made a submission to the Attorney-General’s Department on its Public sector whistleblowing stage 2 reforms public consultation.

In our submission, Governance Institute welcomed the Government’s proposals to improve whistleblower protections for the federal public sector under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 (PID Act). These reforms are long overdue, and we expressed the view that these reforms should represent the beginning of more comprehensive whistleblower reform for both the public and private sector.

We advocated that there should be a consistent whistleblower protection regime for both the private and public sectors, so the duplicative or different rules do not deter whistleblowers or confuse employers about whether or how protections apply.

We also reiterated that there is a need for an independent Whistleblower Protection Authority. An independent, single source, sector agnostic authority for whistleblower protections would provide the necessary clarity and confidence for potential whistleblowers across all sectors to report unlawful and unethical behaviour. 2024 is looking to be a significant year for Whistleblower reform in Australia, and we will update you as this happens.

Governance Institute Greenwashing Guide

On 13 December, Governance Institute released our Governance Guide on greenwashing.  Greenwashing: A Governance Perspective sets out a roadmap to help businesses mitigate the associated risks.

We published this following the number of recent, high-profile actions taken by ASIC and the ACCC over misleading statements and claims.

It was adapted from the Corporate Governance Institute UK greenwashing publication for our context here in Australia, and was developed with assistance from Governance Institute members and law firm Clyde & Co. It examines the extent of greenwashing in Australia, the legal and regulatory environment, and the risks and guiding principles of how to manage environmental disclosures and statements

GovBuzz podcasts

The world of governance in the age of rapid innovation

For the third instalment of our International Governance Leadership Conference podcast series ‘GovBuzz’, we dive into the fascinating world of governance in the age of rapid innovation.

Download and listen to Kristofer Rogers, an award-winning business leader and social entrepreneur, who shares his insights on navigating governance at the speed of innovation.

Find this episode here.

Enhancing strategies for data and privacy

The fourth instalment of the International Governance Leadership Conference series gives you the opportunity to hear from experts about how to best enhance strategies for data and privacy.

Panelists Lyn Nicholson, General Counsel at Holding Redlich, Dr. Sharif Abuadbba, Team Leader at CSIRO’s Data61, and Mark Sayer, Managing Director of Algebra Security explore processes to bolster cyber resilience within the regulatory environment, shedding light on crucial strategies for data protection.

Find this episode here.

Sports governance

This episode of our podcast ‘GovBuzz’ is the fifth instalment of our International Governance Leadership Conference Series in which we delve into the intricate world of sports governance in Australia. Listen in as Beau Busch, Co-CEO of Professional Footballers Australia, Jodie Purves, former Australian Cricket Captain and National Integrity Manager at Diving Australia, and Diane Smith-Gander, Independent Chairman of WADA’s Nominations Committee, share insights on navigating challenges and driving success.

Find this episode here.

Stewardship of social ecosystems

In the sixth and final episode of our International Governance Leadership Conference Series, we hear from Melissa Collins, General Manager of Sydney’s Wayside Chapel and Simon Doble, CEO of Solarbuddy, as they discuss the role of charities and not-for-profits in overcoming some curly social problems and how leadership and social license can deliver conditions for better community service.

Emma Alberici, Principle at Derwent Search and former journalist, chairs this session.

Find this episode here.

Launch of Governance Academy

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