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A step-by-step guide to holding a virtual AGM

(Sponsored article) The Annual General Meeting is a cornerstone event in the calendar of Australia’s corporate and not-for-profit organisations alike.

But unprecedented changes to the way we live and work caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have disrupted the way businesses, membership organisations and registered charities operate.

If you choose to hold a hybrid or online AGM, you should take the opportunity to develop a model that best suits your shareholder community and your organisation. How each organisation manages the event will depend on individual circumstances in the current climate.

A new step-by-step guide to holding a virtual AGM by Redback Connect explains the current options. The guide covers:

  • The new rules for COVID-19
  • To hold or postpone your AGM
  • Decide your model
  • Digital registration and reporting.

Download a copy of the guide

Article sponsored by Redback Connect
Redback Connect provides tele, web and video conferencing services to help teams communicate and collaborate. They also design and deliver digital events, including webinars and studio broadcasts, from concept to completion.

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