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Governance Directions Journal – May 2024

Volume 76 - Number 4


Drop the technology think and ask more questions

Technology is useful but by itself, it’s a toy. It can only go so far and you have to be smart in how you use it.

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Failing to ratify the appointment of an auditor appointed to fill a casual vacancy: The consequences may be bigger than you think

With the many compliance burdens listed entities must satisfy in order to operate in the open markets, the recent case of Re Kalamazoo Resources Limited [2024] WASC 83 reminds us to stay on top of day-to-day compliance activities, as the consequences can be material and costly.

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Shareholders and directors disputes: Just and equitable winding up

Disputes between company shareholders and directors are common place and can have a significant impact on a company's operation. It is also not unusual for protracted disputes to ultimately lead to irreconcilable situations that ultimately and significantly limit the ability of a company to continue to function.

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Managing third-party risk

Third-party relationships provide cyber criminals with easy access to an organisation’s systems and networks. ASIC has observed a growing number of cyber attacks on Australian organisations stemming from third-party weaknesses.

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CEO Memo: Governance for a thriving small business culture

The ASX Corporate Governance Principles, originally introduced more than two decades ago, have undoubtedly played a crucial role in shaping Australia's corporate governance landscape.

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Dux awards recognise academic merit

The Governance Academy's Dux Awards honour top-performing students in our Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate courses and those with the highest marks in each postgraduate subject.

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Acting for You — May 2024

Updates on Treasury Laws amendment, KPMG impact analysis, National Adaptation plan, peak bodies for climate-related disclosures, and more. 

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Strengthening regional resilience: Governance, growth, and community

This article discusses the specific governance challenges in regional Australia, focusing on the agricultural and community sectors.

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Overstepping boundaries: Can you be dismissed for exceeding your duties as an employee?

A New South Wales employee recently challenged their termination after their employer alleged repeated disregard for company processes and designated roles.

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The hidden psychosocial hazard of burnout

Are you a leader who rewards long hours of your team? Or perhaps your leader rewards you for going that extra mile, sacrificing time with family and personal interests for the betterment of the team? 

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