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  • Whistleblower Standard 1

    A standard which accompanies a whistleblower policy.

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  • Whistleblower Policy 1

    A policy outlining steps for whistleblowers.

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  • Minute taking practice: a comparative study

    ICSA’s UKRIAT Division undertook a consultation on the practice of minute taking and produced this formal guidance on effective minute taking practice and changes that have developed over time.

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  • Handling confidential, market-sensitive information: Principles of good practice

    It is essential that corporations develop and adopt sound practices that support and adhere to the principles of continuous disclosure and ensure the effective management of confidential information. Governance Institute and AIRA have jointly developed these principles of good practice that corporations can implement,

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  • Good Governance Guide — Issues to consider when developing director induction processes

    It is good governance for companies to have processes and policies in place which clearly outline the induction processes for newly appointed directors.

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  • Futureproofing: Technological innovation, the company secretary and implications for corporate governance

    This paper assists the non-technical expert to become more familiar with the sciences behind new technology.

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  • 21st Century Annual General Meeting

    This paper spurs the debate on the use of technology as a way to get the AGM back on track.

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  • Shareholder Engagement

    This research investigates the nature of engagement between issuers and investors, and the extent to which it has changed in the last five years .

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  • Guidelines: Whole-of-organisation governance

    Good governance does not stop at the boardroom but needs to cascade throughout the organisation to enable performance. A clear whole-of-organisation governance framework is essential.

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  • Best practice document — Responsibilities of board committees

    A sample charter/ terms of reference for a board committee. Each heading is accompanied by an explanation of the purpose of each element.

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  • Best practice document — Register of interests and related party transactions

    A sample register of interests and related party transactions with explanations of the purpose of each element of the register.

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