Acting for You, May 2022

New climate guide

We launched a new Guide for boards and management on the path to net zero on 20 April 2022. The guide is based on the findings from a specially convened working group of members of our Policy Committees as well as a review of a range of expert guidance. Prepared with the assistance of Finity Consulting, it is designed to assist members in all organisations — large and small and across sectors — to answer the question what should my organisation do about climate change? It responds to recent climate policy developments as well as the significant shifts in expectations on organisations to act on the issue, including disclosure of climate risk. An update of our 2020 report Climate change risk disclosure, the guide is intended to provide practical actionable guidance on what organisations should do to answer this question. Each organisation’s challenges and solutions will depend on its resources, sector, and maturity, and there are case studies to illustrate specific circumstances.

The key steps to net zero are:

  • Governance: Orchestrating the climate change conversation. How do you embed climate into the core of an organisation? 
  • Strategy: Planning for net zero. How do you deal with the challenges related to transitioning to net zero?  
  • Expectations: Managing legal and stakeholder expectations. How do you manage expectations on climate disclosure and action amongst evolving legal expectations?  
  • Reporting: Selecting a framework. How do you select a reporting framework which addresses stakeholder needs? 

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