Interview: Georgie Harman — Reframe mental health around the chords of human connection

We speak with Georgie Harman, the chief executive officer of Beyond Blue about the reforming of the mental health system around people-centric strategies and the governance changes that could drive such a change, as the demand for mental health services and the urgency for better service and support grows.

‘My joining beyond blue as a CEO seven years ago was not a delicious accident but there was some deliciousness about it’, says Georgie Harman, CEO of Beyond Blue.  ‘It feels like my career to date, has been about me grabbing a whole bunch of skills and connections and experiences and expertise that have now come together in this one role.’ Her career spanned everything from working in sales and marketing and communications, to working in government – both at the federal level and state level. She worked with both NGOs and the private sector, led a fundraising function, led services and designed and adapted new services as environments changed for people. This role as CEO of one of Australia’s leading mental health and suicide prevention services brings all of that together for Georgie. And this she says is the best job she has had.

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