Interview: Craig Katerberg: Still curious and learning

  • We speak with Craig Katerberg, Chief Legal and Corporate Affairs Officer, Budweiser APAC, about what defines a career in corporate affairs.
  • He says that corporate affairs is about connecting the dots for your business through people.

Craig Katerberg grew up in Michigan, USA, and spent a lot of his childhood travelling with his family, seeing different parts of the country from the back seat of a minivan. Later after college in Chicago where he secured a degree in Latin American History, Craig followed his wife to New York where she started her career in banking. ‘I literally googled New York City jobs and took the first job that showed up at the top of the list. And that was working for the Mayor of New York, in the Bloomberg administration, soon after 9/11. We were working at the time on economic development projects and built a lot of helpful infrastructure around the city, working with a lot of community groups, and on capex projects that included the Apollo Theatre and the Tenement Museum.’ Craig also worked closely with the Law Department of the City of New York which influenced his decision on what to study next. He returned to Chicago to study law at the Northwestern University School of Law.

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