CEO memo: As demands on the governance and risk profession continue to grow, let’s keep wellbeing on our radar

I’m sure like many in our governance and risk management community, you are seeing challenges on every side right now. From your board — currently moving at hyper speed, to your team — looking to you for guidance and answers in uncertain times, and probably your family too as you juggle home-schooling, home-daycare, checking on older family members or friends who are finding it tough going and the other myriad personal matters that need your attention.

You may just be managing to squeeze in a bit of time for you as well. Hopefully.

Since the start of the pandemic the governance and risk management profession has been in the spotlight like never before, and these latest outbreaks have only served to intensify that spotlight.

Demands on the profession are soaring with the expectation you are an instant expert on rapidly changing legislation and regulation (such as virtual AGMs and the vaccination debate).

Governance Institute has just experienced two of its strongest months of membership growth ever — a tell-tale sign that the profession is eager for a support network and we are so proud to be there to support you from a policy, advocacy and knowledge perspective.

But we are also hearing that for many in our community, wellbeing is taking a significant hit right now.

Thankfully there are some brilliant, expert services out there and we urge anyone feeling the strain to seek that assistance. A silver lining of the pandemic has been that stigma around mental health is steadily evaporating as more of us talk opening about how we are managing our wellbeing or reaching out for some extra assistance.

I personally am also employing a few ground-level key tactics right now to bolster my own resilience.

These tactics are helping, and I wanted to share them in case they are useful to others, or just to help continue the conversations on why we need to keep wellbeing on our radars.

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Wellbeing tips

  • News is at saturation point and the focus is very much on the negative. It can be a lot to take in and can eventually it can create anxiety. Consider limiting your intake, dipping in at key points rather than analysing every statistic and piece of rolling commentary.
  • Check in with your inner — and outer — circle. Make a list of friends and family you haven’t spoken to for a while and connect by phone for a conversation. Laugh, chat and catch up. It will brighten your day.
  • Routine is important, but so is changing it up. Move your laptop outside or to a different part of your home. Can you go for a walk while taking that work call? All these small things can add up to make a difference.
  • Time is critical right now and none of us have a lot of it in our days. Limit your meetings, and your time in meetings. Can you stick to half an hour, rather than the default hour?
  • We all have high expectations but be kind to yourself and be sure to cut yourself some slack.

We would love to hear your tips and advice about what’s helping boost your resilience and wellbeing right now.

Please feel free to share your tips, or let us know ways Governance Institute can best support you during this time via our dedicated email.

To everyone in our network, we send our warmest wishes of support right now.

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