CRO success: Critical factors for all businesses

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  • Factors enabling a risk program to move from ‘push’ to ‘pull’.
  • Creating relevance and buy-in to your risk program.
  • Using effective communication to drive engagement.


Generating buy-in to the risk program is a common challenge for many governance and risk professionals. It can exist whether or not there are mandatory imperatives such as in regulated industries, and is a challenge experienced across both private and public sectors.

Sustaining a risk program over time can be difficult, particularly in large and complex organisations, as even mature programs need to adjust for strategic and operational changes.

Considerable business disruptions over the last 18 months have brought risk issues to the forefront of business strategy. We interviewed Jacqui O’Dea, Chief Risk Officer for the GPT Group (GPT), at the recent NSW Governance and Risk Management Forum to hear her insights and experience in driving engagement with the business and enhancing communication.

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