Averting the wreck on the information superhighway

  • The volume of global data is increasing exponentially.
  • A fragmented cyberspace coupled with shortage of skills to deal with volume of data present a car wreck scenario.
  • What can corporations, businesses and individuals do to help to ward off some of the darker predictions in the rapidly advancing and changing technological age?

‘Data is the oxygen that fuels the fire of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. More data is being generated than ever before, with the global volume of data predicted to double between 2018 and 2022, and then double again between 2022 and 2025.’1 More than fifty percent of the world’s population is now online and two-thirds of the global population owns a mobile device.2 

Heading north — the global risks associated with fragmented cyberspace as a result of geopolitical unrest and geo-economic uncertainty. As well there are the challenges of information infrastructure breakdown such as digital fragmentation and cyber insecurity.3 Heading south — the shortage of skills to be able to interpret, analyse and deal strategically with this sheer volume of data.

Corporations, businesses and individuals need strategies for dealing with these issues in order to prevent a wreck. We need to build resiliency across communities and businesses in order to address this global challenge. Our action should be quick and purposeful.   

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