Powerlink: Board response to internal and external changes

This article is a transcript of the opening address by Kathy Hirschfeld AM, Chair Powerlink Queensland delivered at Governance Institute’s Queensland Governance and Risk Management Forum held on 5 May 2021.

Today I will be talking about the business story of Powerlink Queensland of whose board I am privileged to be chair. As most Queenslanders aren’t even aware of who Powerlink are or what we do, I’ll give you a quick overview of our role. I will tell you the story of our business from our formation up to today and will highlight how the business has grown and evolved in responses to changes in the environment in which we operate. 

I will talk about the boardroom and governance storylines that provide detail about our evolution and also how our interactions with the community and stakeholders have changed over the years.

I hope you will be inspired by the Powerlink story and the exciting future we are creating for Queenslanders and that you will benefit from some of my stories.

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