CEO memo: Towards 2030: A digital wishlist

A ‘Digital Charter’, a firm plan to stamp out digital inequality — and more support for SMEs and NFPs: Now is the time to put everything on the table for Australia’s much-needed digital transformation.

These three initiatives are on Governance Institute of Australia’s wish list that will form part of our submission to the Federal Government’s Digital Technology Taskforce.

Some of our other digital priority areas include:

  1. Ensuring Australia’s digital regulatory frameworks are agile and responsive to emerging technologies.
  2. Ensuring Australia’s critical communication and internet infrastructure networks have sufficient capacity to sustain and grow a digital economy.
  3. Introduce strong online protections to protect the integrity of and trust in Australian institutions, government, business, and society.

Stay tuned for an update on the outcomes of this submission.

We know a silver lining of the pandemic was a significant speeding up of the use of technology by organisations.

It kept us connected when we couldn’t be together, ensuring many workplaces could continue to function in a time of great uncertainty.

Businesses, bound by social distancing rules, were able to run their AGMs virtually and sign contracts electronically. While only a temporary measure during the pandemic, it showed what was possible (and we continue to advocate that these temporary measures should be made permanent.

But that COVID-19-driven digital acceleration also exposed how much more needs to be done if Australia is to be strongly positioned for the years — and decades — ahead.

The Federal Government’s recent funding commitment of $1.2b for a Digital Economy Strategy, announced in Federal Budget, is a promising start — and the momentum now needs to be sustained to ensure Australia becomes a leading digital economy by decade’s end.

Governance Institute knows many of our members — across all types of organisations and industries — are connected to the digital landscape and are often frustrated by it.

We know so many aspects of life are advancing technologically but are surprised by the slow pace of change in several key areas — including business communications and AGMs.

Organisations continue to operate under outdated legislation that simply does not account for the use of technology.

It’s time Australia embraces all the benefits of the digital age, or risk being left behind.


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