The top traits to look for in the next generation of leaders in your organisation

  • The next generation of leaders in our workplace must be global and flexible thinkers able to deal with automation and constant change.
  • Emerging leaders with a growth mindset can bounce back from failure, empower their teams through challenge and improve their team’s performance.
  • This article outlines some attributes to look for in a potential leader.

Emerging leaders today must be able to navigate, manage and lead organisations through a dynamic, ever changing and uncertain workplace. 

According to research by the Foundation for Young Australians, there are three global economic forces transforming the way we work — automation, globalisation and flexibility and young people today will have an estimated 18 jobs and 6 careers. Half of people aged 18-34 years-old today are engaging in the gig economy which has grown by an estimated 340 per cent since 2016.

What are the top traits to look for in emerging leaders in our organisations who are tasked with managing a global workplace dominated by ever increasing automation and a workforce with a desire for flexibility? 

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