The first 100 days as a CEO

  • The first 100 days are a transition period to be mastered and used as a platform for the remainder of their tenure.
  • This period of time can be regarded as a leader’s honeymoon and their baptism of fire.
  • But CEOs must be careful not forget about the next 100 days and those subsequent!

Of all the timelines most critical to an incoming CEO’s ultimate success or failure, the first 100 days are the most important. During this relatively short period of time, the CEO (or business leader) will have to:

  • Forge relationships with those stakeholders, both internal and external, who can impact their personal and the company’s success
  • Set realistic expectations that address key issues
  • Show that they understand the structures of the role and the workings of the organisation.

They will also need to settle the troops (remember how twitchy everyone in your organisation was at the announcement of a new boss?), establish themselves as worthy of the role and develop a level of trust that will enable them to perform at their best, in a relatively short period of time.

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